Food or Fitness, which one is more important ?

I think that we all know by now that healthy eating and fitness is crucial combination for having waste line you’ve always been dreaming about and overall well-being. Generally speaking, filling your plate with greens, fruits, slow carbs, good fat (fish, nuts – focus on omega 3), lean protein and regular exercise should be your daily companion in order to have good overall health. But if we want to achieve something specific? Like losing a couple of inches from the waste line or pushing away psoriasis marks on your skin, or improving your heart and preventing a stroke, getting back your waistline after the pregnancy.

There are many reasons and ways to achieve the goal, each vary from person to person. We are unique after all and it depends what is the goal exactly too. Unfortunately there is no general plan that fits everyone needs, so it important to understand that the diet or food we choose must stick to us if we want to lose weight and feel good. It’s with us for life and should be our companion till we will leave our physical bodies here on earth.

We are what we eat

Now, we are what we eat, so it is crucial to make the right choice. When choosing what to put in your mouth, think about long term consequences to your health. It is also important to monitor what feelings overwhelm us after we just ate something, do we feel energetic or sleepy, maybe stomach acidity kicks in after a cup of coffee? Well its a good sign to change the product with something else or just avoid eating it. Here is a list I have compiled to stay tuned:

  • Respect and love yourself
  • Be conscious about what you eat and what it does to your body and mind
  • Think in the long term
  • Fill your platter with colorful fresh food, full of fibers, minerals and phytonutrients
  • Nutritional level of what you eat is very important
  • Exercise 25 %; Diet 75 % determines your end result, quality rest is equally important as the food we eat
  • Humanity tend to overeat
  • Humans are designed to move
  • Choose healthy carbs, do not cut it as it will slow metabolism (Programs like Cinderella Solution can help with food pairing)

Exercise role and contribution to your health compared with diet

“Decreases in daily energy expenditure may not be the primary cause of obesity, but that is not to say that PA or exercise has no role in weight management and energy balance”(1). Some theories suggest that we all have energy threshold which we need to achieve daily, “… those who are below the PA (Physical Activity) threshold have lower energy expenditure, and thus are in the “unregulated zone” without the matching decrements in energy intake. In other words, this theory suggests that appetite may not be appropriately regulated at low levels of PA (Physical Activity).”(1)

All exercises in the world won’t help if your nutrition is off the road. Of course exercising is very important, but unless you are a professional sportsman, you do not need much, just move, do what you love, do not forget to exercise your brain. Teaming up exercise and healthy foods can bring even greater results.

Some wisdom from far East. Fifteen percent of the world’s over 100 year old’s population (over 107) lives in Okinawa (Japan).

Okinawan Diet 8 Tips:

  1. Stop eating before complete satiety.
  2. Eat only small portions.
  3. Eat with the thought that food has healing powers.
  4. Promoting food diversity.
  5. Eat fresh food.
  6. Combine raw and cooked dishes.
  7. Cook food on low heat.
  8. Avoid microwaves and barbecues.

In the next articles we will look closer to exact exercises and plans to follow when achieving certain goals.

1. The role of physical activity and exercise in obesity and weight management: Time for critical appraisal.  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2095254616300060 

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